Successful budgeting is an essential part of managing your finances. At Always INSYNC, we offer a personalised money management course to help you review and plan your budgets. The course is suitable for anyone with a basic to moderate knowledge of effective personal money management, and a desire to learn more.

Our personal money management course delivers practical advice via the means of simple exercises, which reinforce the principles and practices of effective money management. We also take into consideration the effects which political, economical, social and technological (PEST) factors might play in managing your money. Upon completion, you will have acquired the skills to ensure your budget is error free, allowing you to effectively forecast and plan for changes in your personal circumstances. With our help, ensure that you are Always INSYNC with your money.

Wow, this course has really opened my eyes. I will be making use of the recommended website to calculate the cost of my borrowing. Having seen the true cost of borrowing, I will be making an extra effort to reduce my catalogue bill. I have found the course very informative, especially the credit union info. Training materials were good to.



- Money Management Workshop Testimonial - Jackie