Confidence in your skills and experience can be the edge you need to get the results you want at interview level.  By consistently driving up confidence levels, we give our candidates the advantage of always performing at their best.

Our team of career experts is made up of HR Professionals, Business Analysts and Recruiters. With experience of high level and public sector recruitment, they have devised a bespoke interview preparation programme that will work with you to develop skills that will land you the role you want.

First we work on “you,” developing your potential into clear candidate advantages. Then, we offer the support you need to build a successful career that’s INSYNC with you and the volatile job market.

  • Mock interview and feedback: Specifically customised to your chosen role and industry, the unit is geared towards improving your interview performance.  You will receive coaching in handling competency, standard and criteria-based interview questions.

  • Structuring your interview answers: What are recruiters looking for? Gain insider knowledge of public sector and not-for-profit (including education) recruitment.  Learn how to demonstrate commercial awareness with clearly structured answers. Improve your credentials, experience and ability to adapt to changes in the marketplace.

  • Targeted research guide: Have you done your research? A candidate who can demonstrate strong knowledge of a company’s products, customers and services is one step closer to securing a job offer. Avoid falling at the last hurdle, fundamental research is important! INSYNC’s collective understanding of how hiring decisions are made is second-to-none. We will coach you through the most effective way to research a company’s challenges, products and competitors.

  • Telephone interview preparation: Often used as part of the screening process, telephone interviews are a cost effective method of narrowing the pool of applicants invited to face-to-face interviews. Our INSYNC team will prepare you to deliver a flawless performance that projects a positive image to your prospective employer.

  • Interview presentation support: Presentation interviews are increasingly forming part of the selection process. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your ability to engage and communicate. Our interview presentation sessions develop a variety of skills including communication, planning, stakeholder engagement, resourcefulness, organisation, project delivery and many more.

  • Using technology to your advantage: Are you on LinkedIn? LinkedIn may be the primary tool for online professional networking, but there are other important platforms you should consider. Podcasts, chat rooms, forums and social networking sites are all regularly used in the recruitment process. We will give you insider hints and tips on how to use your professional online presence to your advantage.

  • First impressions count: Making the right first impression is critical to securing your chosen role. It’s important to remember that you are marketing a product, “Yourself” to a potential employer. You have approximately 7 seconds to make a good impression, so make your 7 seconds count! Get expert advice on how to gain a competitive edge with a strong first impression.

  • Returning to work following a career break: What about interviews when you’re out of practice? We strongly believe that the key lies in preparation. Our team of career experts will work with you to identify your strengths and work to them, while watching out for any weaknesses. By critically evaluating how you handle the interview scenario, we can show you how to avoid common pitfalls and turn your nerves into a positive source of energy. Your consultant will match his or her teaching methods to your personality, engaging you with key interview skills and arming you with invaluable insight into how your experience and personality makes you right for the role.