Are your soft skills underrepresented on your CV?

97% of UK employers believe soft skills are crucial to their business success, and over half say skills such as communication and teamwork are more important than traditional academic results.

In the workplace, success often depends as much on the relationships you forge as the qualifications you bring to the role. Many UK candidates struggle to sell their soft skills to an employer and as a result, these crucial, highly desirable skills are not given the right boost to really stand out on a CV.

Self-awareness is key

The skills to effectively communicate information is of prime importance to the achievement of organisational goals. Consider focusing on your soft skills in a section of your CV or competency statement, to really show your potential employers that you have an awareness of what constitutes good lines of communication in the workplace. This could well be jewel in your CV crown – the statement that sets you above the rest and pushes your CV to the top of the pile.

Avoid cliché statements

Try to avoid the temptation of mentioning that you are an ‘excellent communicator’ or a ‘great team player’. Recruiters look through hundreds of CVs a day! Try to find a different way to articulate your skills. Spark their interest and they’ll be sure to remember your CV when the right role comes along. Let your personality shine through; be original but always professional.

Avoid task-based examples strictly results-based is best

Remember: regular and efficient communication of a high volume of information will be key to the efficiency of daily operations in your target role. Take a few moments during your lunch break today to think of a time when the tone and delivery of your communication has made a positive impact on the motivational levels of your peers, colleagues, classmates or service users: think perception, judgement and listening ability. Solid writing skills are always a bonus, but not the be all and end all. Maybe your’re ICT savvy and your strengths lie with electronic media communications, applications or the presentation of data. Work to your strengths, and think of how you can streamline your communication and workplace relationships – the impact on your success will delight you!

If you’ve found this advice useful and would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you get INSYNC with your soft skills today!

Marsha Mollineau

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